Recently had a great experience with Debbie Del Rio. She is a medium, a spiritual healer and a massage therapist. Thanks to Carmel S. making everything possible and referring. I really needed it and recommend Debbie to anyone who wants to get in touch with someone from the other side, spiritual healing or just a great massage in Costa Mesa!

Laura B., Orange County, California
I recently visited Debbie for the first time and had such a wonderful experience. She immediately put me at ease and made me feel relaxed and well taken care of. I went for a massage, but she was able to help with some energy healing as well and I am so grateful for her extra attention and care. She explained several things to me about energy healing and helped me understand how to help heal myself beyond that one session. I will definitely be going back to visit her and continue the healing journey and enjoy the benefits of her wonderful massage technique as well.

Heather B., Huntington Beach, CA
I have seen Debbie twice, once for an energy healing session and once for a massage. Both visits were amazing! She is not only professional, warming/welcoming, but she is an amazing person to speak to. Each service that she provides also comes with a message from spirit! I will definitely come back and also recommend! :)

Laura V., Long Beach, CA
Debbie is a compassionate, knowing healer with a toolbox of healing modalities to help her clients. A heart of gold, she inspires and motivates her clients to reach their full potential, and I'm honored to be a part of her life.

Christine R. Aros, PhD, CCH, CRM
Debbie Del Rio is a gifted healer!
Debbie is gentle yet powerful. She has the ability to feel and clear lower vibrational energies. Through her professional training and her natural intuition she has the ability to go straight to the core of the issue. Her gift is her ability to tap into energy and feel what the blocks are. 

She was able to see and feel where the blockage was in my body over the phone.

When I meet with her she quickly felt the blockage and communicated with the energy and repaired the emotional wounds of the past, which were in my linage for many generations. I could feel the energy in my body moving and I experienced a release.

She created a safe and sacred space using healing crystals and candles.

I am grateful to her and to have benefited from this incredible healing experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready for a beautiful and powerful healing.
~ Myrna Godfrey, Bali, Indonesia
I feel amazing after yesterday, thank you so much!
In the least amount of pain I’ve been in since I started having problems 2 months ago!
Passion & Grace,
Devyn, Huntington Beach, CA
“Debbie is a very positive and spiritual person with an exceptional warmth and aura of kindness. Her sensitivity allows her to recognize the emotional patterns of others and help them to help themselves. She is a definitely a healer with many gifts.”
Mary Jeanne Hawes, Staff, Unity Church of Tustin
“Debbie is intuitive and integrates a number of modalities in her body/mind/spirit work. Highly recommend her - you are bound to be pleased and have your experience go beyond what you expect..”
Lisa Y., Costa Mesa, CA
Just wanted to let you know that I got the spritzers this afternoon!  Thanks for including the bonus spritzer....I've already used Awake as I needed a little boost today.
Love it!
Terri D., Newport Beach, CA
Your Ahhhhh! spritzer does seem to have a calming effect.  Two pumps of its fragrant aroma in our living room set the mood for relaxation.  
Great product - thank you.
 Ron R., Tustin, CA

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